Running Together


      This was shared to us two weeks ago from a churchmate that captures my heart. There’s a tendency to walk through life juggling with many priorities from work to personal life and beyond. Surviving this quarter life is quite challenging; trying to deal with a balanced life in different aspects, setting visions and goals to achieve whether long term or short term, engaging to people through fellowship and accountability, coping up stress by being radically active physically and socially, attempting to enhance some skills and so forth. Therefore, leaving all these things to God; striving to be constantly delighted to spend time with Him, hearing from Him through His Word and through His people, being transparently open with everything to Him in prayer may it be in strengths and in weaknesses. But I’ve come to realize again and again that life can be so much meaningful if we find purpose in everything we do. All these ups and downs in our journey would be a way more significant if we consistently keep track of God’s goodness, faithfulness and favor He has amazingly bestowed and provided. And sharing some of these outputs and thoughts express in words alongside with you as we run the race towards the furthest distance we are ought to reach.  And by faith, we’ll arrive at the finish line together and soon receive the heavenly reward for pressing on!


“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,

fixing our eyes on Jesus, 

the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”  -Hebrews 12:1-2





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