The Blossoming Sweetness of Spring


Had dreamed and waited for me to see,

The loveliest flowers of the cherry tree.

I hoped and prayed that one day would be,

A blossoming life that won’t forever flee.


Then finally everything falls into place,

I remember coming here when I got so amazed.

You helped me appreciate the life I was about to face,

And start the new season I had to embrace.


As I was staring at your shimmering beauty,

I asked myself why are you so lovely.

And realized how you make everyone so happy,

Your petals, your colors are dazzling silently.


God made you for our eyes to admire,

Those trees full of flowers that inspire.

A glowing view that points us to desire,

A future like a shining cherry tree to aspire.


The blossoming sweetness of spring,

But the fleeting moments it brings.

And when every petal is falling,

It makes us wait for the next beginning.


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