26 Things in my 26th Year

Goodbye to the first quarter of this life and hello to the late 20’s stage! (Sigh...Adulting is real! Haha) A lot of things do happen every single year and it’s all packed with ups and downs, highs and lows, blessings and challenges. And since I’ve been miles away from home, this is one of the things [...]

The Blossoming Sweetness of Spring

  Had dreamed and waited for me to see, The loveliest flowers of the cherry tree. I hoped and prayed that one day would be, A blossoming life that won’t forever flee.   Then finally everything falls into place, I remember coming here when I got so amazed. You helped me appreciate the life I [...]

Running Together

      This was shared to us two weeks ago from a churchmate that captures my heart. There’s a tendency to walk through life juggling with many priorities from work to personal life and beyond. Surviving this quarter life is quite challenging; trying to deal with a balanced life in different aspects, setting visions [...]